Meditation Room

Meditation Room – 15 Minute Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Regular $15
  • Members $10

Refresh & Unwind In Our Meditation Room – Let Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair Help You Take A Break From Your Day – Enjoy a relaxing massage fully clothed. Revive tired, aching muscles, back stress and improve your body’s circulation with this 3 level zero-gravity massage chair.  Kneading mechanism rollers to massage the whole neck, shoulders, back and waist to help relieve back stress and improve circulation. Massage balls rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to ease tight muscle tension. Nodes on each foot sole provide stationary pressure point kneading massage. Relieve stress with airbag compression and massage rollers and added heat therapy feature to enhance your massage.

Benefits Of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Help Reduce Backaches – Suffering from backaches caused by working in front of a computer for hours. The excess strain it puts on your back muscles can even develop into severe pain that leaves you bedridden.  Massage chairs can be used to reduce back ache. They come equipped with roller and airbag technology that can focus on specific areas of your body. The rollers mimic a masseuse’s hand and thumb technique to relax your tense muscles.

Helps Combat Headaches – Headaches can result from a stiff neck, lack of sleep, or stress. Massage chairs come with a collection of pre-programmed massages that can help reduce the stiffness in your neck and increase the blood flow in your body. Better blood circulation means that your brain will receive blood as it requires decreasing the severity and frequency of your headaches tremendously. 

Induces Release of Endorphins – Our body naturally produces feel-good hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, which can effectively reduce the impact of everyday stress on your body and brain. The muscular compressions from the massage will signal your brain to release these hormones while suppressing the release of stress hormones such as cortisol. The combination of these two actions will rapidly decrease whatever mental stress you’re going through. 

Reduces Muscle Fatigue – One of the major causes of muscle fatigue is a lack of blood flow. A massage not only encourages better blood circulation but also helps inhibit the release of inflammatory hormones. Massage chairs have features such as a variety of massage techniques that can help relieve tensed or strained muscles. Another feature that most massage chairs have is heat therapy. The heat allows your muscles to relax with little to no pain.

Improved Blood Circulation – A massage chair has varying massages and foot reflexology features that can stimulate your muscles and pressure points to improve blood circulation throughout your body. Features such as zero gravity recline or inversion therapy in your massage chair can help decompress your spine by relieving weight from it. This will allow more oxygenated blood to travel quicker to the extremities of your body.