Our Staff


TAE OWNER/ Ki energy Healer ,  Personal Trainer and Master Martial Arts.



AIMEE M.  (Massage Therapist)

Attended New Hampshire Institute For Therapeutic Arts For Massage Therapy

Professional Specialties  …  Customizing Each Massage Session To Benefit Each Individual’s Body Efficiently – Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Lymphatic Circulatory, Certified Massage Cupping Practitioner, Strain & Counter Strain Technique – I Enjoy Helping People With Shoulder & Neck Problems and Love Hand & Feet Massage (so underrated)

Hours: Monday 3:15pm-8pm  –  Tuesday & Friday 9am-5pm


BRENDA  (Massage Therapist)

Attended North Eastern Institute of Whole Health for Massage Therapy.

Professional Specialties … Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy,  Massage Cupping, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage & Reiki

Hours:  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  9am-2pm


DOAL  (Massage Therapist)

Attended New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts For Massage Therapy

Professional Specialties  …  Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. A good client for me is someone who is experiencing: Mid and upper back pain, tight muscles which may be causing local and/or referred pain/discomfort and shoulder issues related to musculature. I am capable of giving a light relaxing massage or a deeper more intense experience based on my client’s needs.  I enjoy being able to help relax my clients which positively affects my client’s quality of life.

Hours: Monday & Tuesday 3:15pm-8pm  –  Thursday 9am-3pm


JAYNE  (Massage Therapist)

Attended American College of Healthcare Sciences For An Associates of Applied Science Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Aromatherapy, Herbalism) and  Spa Tech Institute For Massage & Advance Polarity Therapy

Professional Specialties … Swedish, Deep Tissue, Himalayan Salt Stone, Trigger Point, Myofacial Release, Prenatal, Reflexology Energy Work, Master Reiki and Registered Polarity Practitioner.

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 3:15pm-8pm  –  Saturday 9am-5pm


KASEY (Massage Therapist)

Attended Lincoln Technical Institute For Massage Therapy

Professional Specialties … Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Russian Sports, Trigger Point and Reflexology. I Love To Relax My Client, No Matter What State Of Mind They Come In With.

Hours: Monday 9am-2pm  –  Friday 3:15pm-8pm  –  Saturday 9am-2pm


NEREYDA  (Massage Therapist)

Attended Salter School For Massage Therapy

Professional Specialties  …  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromassage, Trigger Point, Prenatal, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage & Myofascial Release Massage.

Hours: Monday 9am-3pm  –  Tuesday & Thursday 3:15pm-8pm  –  Friday 2pm-8pm    –  Saturday 9am-5pm


NINA  (Instructor)

Hours:  Monday 6:15pm  –  Wednesday 6:30pm  –  Friday & Saturday 9:15am


SAMANTHA  (Massage Therapist)

Attended Hesser College For Massage Therapy

Professional Specialties  …  Excel In Treating Migraines, Sciatica and Poor Range Of Motion. Modalities include Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Reiki and Prenatal. I have always been a natural healer for those closest to me. When I was a child, my father suffered from chronic migraines and I would always massage his face and back until he fell asleep. It occurred to me even at seven years old that I had a gift for healing. It’s has always been my philosophy in life that if you can help people with their pain embrace it and dive into whatever field best suited for it. I feel massage is my suited field simply because I fine it the most effective use of my gift.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9am-3pm  –  Friday 2pm-8pm  –  Saturday 9am-5pm


PATRIOT  (Fitness Trainer)

Hours:  Classes and Scheduled Appointments