Our Staff


TAE OWNER/ Ki energy Healer ,  Personal Trainer and Master Martial Arts.



AIMEE M.  (Massage Therapist)

Attended New Hampshire Institute For Therapeutic Arts For Massage Therapy

Would Love To Visit Everywhere!!! But Some Places In Mind Fiji, Great Brittan, Ireland, Netherlands, Hawaii, Bahamas, Australia & Italy

Professional Specialties  …  Customizing Each Massage Session To Benefit Each Individual’s Body Efficiently – Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Lymphatic Circulatory, Certified Massage cupping Practioner, Strain & Counter Strain Technique – I Enjoy Helping People With Shoulder & Neck Problems and Love Hand & Feet Massage (so underrated)

Hours: Monday 3:15pm-8pm  –  Tuesday & Friday 9am-5pm


BETH  (Massage Therapist)

Attended Seacoast Career School for Massage Therapy.

Would Love To Visit: India, Tibet, Thailand, & Hawaii

Professional Specialties … Collaborating with my clients to reach their goals by taking a complete intake and customizing their sessions to meet their goals. I specialize in: Relaxation/Swedish, Neck/shoulder pain, Geriatric issues/concerns, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Stress Headaches, Chronic pain conditions,  Oncology & Prenatal

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 3:15pm-8pm  –  Saturday 10:15am-5pm


BRENDA  (Massage Therapist)

Attended North Eastern Institute of Whole Health for Massage Therapy.

Would Love To Visit: Alaska & Hawaii

Professional Specialties … Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy & Reiki

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday  & Saturday 9am to 2pm


CINDY  (Esthetician)

Attended Laird School Of Nail Design And Esthetics, Smith College Bachelor Degree In Biochemistry & Master’s Degree In Education

Would Love To Visit The World

Professional Specialties  …  Customizing Facials Treatments – Especially Peels,  Salt Scrubs, Body Wraps & Waxing

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 2pm-8pm  –  Every Other Friday 9am-5pm  –  Every Other Saturday 9am-4pm


KASEY (Massage Therapist)

Attended Lincoln Technical Institute For Massage Therapy

Would Love To Visit Italy, Spain, Greece, Bora Bora … Everywhere!!!

Professional Specialties … Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Russian Sports, Trigger Point and Reflexology. I Love To Relax My Client, No Matter What State Of Mind They Come In With.

Hours: Thursday & Friday 2pm-8pm  –  Saturday 10:15am-4pm


NEREYDA  (Massage Therapist)

Attended Salter School For Massage Therapy

Would Love To Visit London, Mexico, Tokyo, Spain, Costa Rica, Duhai and Brasil.

Professional Specialties  …  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromassage, Trigger Point, Prenatal & Myofascial Release Massage.

Hours: Monday 9am-3pm  –  Tuesday & Thursday 3:15pm-8pm  –  Friday 2pm-8pm    –  Saturday 9am-5pm


NINA  (Instructor)

Hours:  Monday 6:15pm  –  Wednesday 6:30pm  –  Friday & Saturday 9:15am


SAMANTHA   (Massage Therapist)

Attended Nashua Community College For Massage Therapy

Would Love To Visit Tennessee, Nova Scotia, Aruba, Italy & Las Vegas.

Professional Specialties  …  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Myofascial & Trigger Point

Hours: Monday 9am-3pm  –  Thursday 3:15pm-8pm    –  Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm